Where to get Withered Kapiba Branches in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

These branches are useful.

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The Withered Kapiba Branches are a monster resource you can retrieve in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In addition, you will need the item to complete some of the Gem recipes available to you in the game, which you can use to enhance your characters and strengthen them as you progress through the game. These are vital if you want to take on some tougher challenges. This guide covers where you can get Withered Kapiba Branches in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

How to get Withered Kapiba Branches in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Withered Kapiba Branches drop off the Kapiba, a sizeable rodent-like creature you can find reasonably early in the game. They first appear in the Fornis region, roughly around Chapters Two, and they will not be a high-level combatant. They will be relatively easy to defeat, so long as you meet them at level 20.

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These earlier spawns have a decent chance to drop common and rare materials, but it will take some farming to find some legendary versions of this item. You recommend using Skip Travel to Igno Viaduct and searching around this area and to the west. You can find Igno Viaduct closer to the southwest part of the Fornis Region, close to where you connect to the Pentelas Region. Once you’ve defeated all of the Kapiba in this area, you will want to Skip Travel to any nearby Landmark and refresh these spawns to try going for them again.

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The legendary drops for Withered Kapiba Branches will be challenging to acquire. We recommend waiting to progress further in the game as they will turn up again in higher-level regions, with better chances to drop these items. However, the low-level ones do have a chance to drop them.