Which characters should you buy first in MultiVersus? Answered

Look their way first.

Image via Warner Bros.

While MultiVersus is a free-to-play game, you will not immediately have access to the full roster of playable characters. Instead, you can unlock them by either purchasing Gleamium with real-world money or garnering up enough Gold to get them without using microtransactions. Here are the fighters we recommend you give a try first when you go to buy more characters.

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Which is the best character to buy first in MultiVersus?

When you start MultiVersus, only a few fighters will be available to you. Wonder Woman can be unlocked by completing the opening tutorial, and there is a rotation of free characters that will be available. The free characters are switched out every week.

Before you buy any characters, we recommend trying to give the free rotation characters a try to see if you like them. If you like one of them enough, you can focus on playing them to earn enough Gold, so you don’t have to pay to unlock them permanently. Additionally, you can try every fighter in the game in Training Mode, regardless if you own them or not, to see if they are fun to play.

Any characters you look to unlock in MultiVersus should be ones you enjoy from their original series or look to be fun to play. For ease of access, we recommend starting with Shaggy, Superman, Harley Quinn, and Finn the Human.

All of these characters are generally easier to understand to play than others on the roster. That being said, be sure to give everyone a try to see if they fit your preferred play style. Some characters may be a little more complicated than others, but focusing on one at a time can give you a feel for them.