Which class should you pick for the Guardian Games in Destiny 2?

Which one should you choose?

Destiny 2

The Guardian Games has arrived in Destiny 2, pitting player against player in a competition of skill, daring, and Guardian shenanigans. The general idea of the event is that players will pick a Class to represent, then try to earn as many points as they possibly can over the course of the event so that their class will win, they will get a nice new Class Item, and a shiny statue dedicated to the class in the Tower.

It all sounds like fun, but lots of people out there have multiple Destiny 2 characters, so we will need to decide which one they want to play. As tempting as it is to pick the one you think will win (Hello, Hunters), Bungie has already realized that because most players use that Class, then a simple battle of numbers would be a foregone conclusion.

To combat this, Bungie has come up with a little balancing act, saying “medals will be weighted slightly per class to maintain a level playing field. We aren’t fiddling with the numbers to force wins on alternate classes—Hunters could still take this entire thing if they put enough effort in.” This means you cannot jump on the Hunter gravy train and then pretend that you did something if they win. You will need to work hard to represent your Class over the event and help your fellow Guardians all win as a group.

So, which Class should you play for the event? That is entirely up to you. Use the one that you enjoy the most, and if you just happen to be a Hunter then don’t listen to anyone who tries to give you guff if your team wins the event. Bungie will be making sure that whoever gets the win has worked hard to do so, and it was all nice and fair.