Which free 4 Star Liyue character should you pick in Genshin Impact’s Preposterous Partnerships event?

Choices, choices.

Genshin Impact

The Preposterous Partnerships event will arrive after update 2.4 in Genshin Impact, giving players a way to pick their own 4 Star Liyue character as a reward. It’s the first time the game will allow this kind of agency over a reward, so you will want to make the most of it. The event will begin on January 25, so if you make a decision now, you will have plenty of time to farm up the resources and materials your character will need.

If you are wondering who you should pick, in this article, we will run through some important things that you should consider when making your choice. If you are unsure about what the pool of characters will be, you can find all the 4 Star Liyue character’s listed below:

  • Beidou
  • Chongyun
  • Ningguang
  • Yunjin
  • Yanfei
  • Xiangling
  • Xingqiu
  • Xinyan

A new character, or a new constellation?

The first thing to decide is if you need a new character, or a new constellation unlock for a character you already have. If you are missing an important element, then a new character is the way to go. If you are well covered for element types but have a strong character who is on the verge of a major boost if they can unlock one more constellation, then that is the way to go. Going the constellation route would also mean you don’t need to worry about farming up weapons, resources, and artifacts for the new character.

Consider synergies

While many people might dismiss a character like Beidou, people who play Childe as their may DPS may be very interested in the interaction between Beidou’s elemental burst and Childle’s elemental skill. While heavy hydro damage is nice, it’s also a great deal better to be electrocuting everything around you at the same time.

Xinqiu can fit into almost any team bringing fantastic elemental reactions and extra tankiness with him. If you are missing some much-needed protection then perhaps Ningguang will be more your speed, while also bringing impressive ranged damage to your party. You need to think about what you need, and why you need it, and then make a decision from there. Can you easily slot one of these characters into your existing party? Then go for it.

Common Consensus

While this isn’t something you should strictly adhere to, newer players may be interested in a simple tier list. In the most basic sense of the word, ignoring things like build experimentation, constellation levels, and some of the more advanced theory crafting that people get up to, a tier list of the characters would look something like this.

  • Xingqiu – S Tier
  • Ningguang – A Tier
  • Yanfei – A Tier
  • Xiangling – A Tier
  • Beidou – B – Tier
  • Chongyun – B Tier
  • Xinyan – B Tier

Yunjin is an interesting option that is hard to gauge, as she will only be added to the game in the upcoming 2.4 update.

The problem with this is that the true power of a character in Genshin Impact is really about who you have them in a party with. Chongyun might be considered a B-Tier but in a team with Bennett, Beidou, and Xingqiu you can do some amazing things. In reality, you can never really write a character off in the game, as the right party setup might really allow them to shine. Except for Amber. Sorry, Amber.

Personally, I have had pretty solid luck with my Wishes in all areas except Geo characters. I plan on going for Ningguang and then using the Keqing Banner to try and unlock plenty of Constellations for her. I had originally planned on skipping the banners for 2.4 and just hoarding my Primogems and Fates.