Which Starter should you choose in Coromon?

All three are powerful.

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TRAGsoft’s Coromon features three starters that players can pick from at the start of their journey. Each starter is of a different type and possesses unique attributes. Although all serve a specific purpose, players might be get confused in picking one from the three. Hence, we’ve put together a guide explaining the strengths of each starter and which one to choose.

The Fire-type starter Toruga is an offence-focused Coromon specialising in quickly sweeping the battle floor. Water-type starter Nibblegar is geared towards being a tank, and finally, the Ice-type starter Cubzero has a mixture of both offence and defence.

Depending upon the information mentioned above, you can decide to pick a starter that mirrors your desired playstyle. Keep in mind no one starter is the clear best, and it boils down to your personal preference and playstyle. That said, Cubzero and its evolution line are arguably the most balanced out of all three. The Coromon’s Ice typing makes it very unique and is only weak to Fire and Heavy type. Cubzero’s final evolution Bearealis has a very balanced move set, and it can essentially fill the position of both damage dealer and a tank. That said, if used correctly, every starter has the potential of being the strongest.