Which weapons are leaving the Loot Pool in Season 17 of Destiny 2

Grab them now before they vanish for good.

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Developer Bungie has promised to avoid sunsetting weapons going forward in Destiny 2 a while back. As of the Witch Queen expansion, they have begun rotating out weapons. As promised, they have stated which weapons will be leaving with ample notice. This will give players the opportunity to grab whatever they may want before a particular weapon leaves the game for a while. This guide will break down all weapons leaving the loot pool in season 17.

Iron Banner weapons

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Iron Banner will be seeing a massive overhaul come season 17. With Saladin getting a new name and joining the War Council, this season will be the last time to get your hands on these two weapons.

  • Occluded Finality Sniper Rifle 
  • Finite Impactor Hand Cannon

Nightfall weapons

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Nightfall weapons are in abundance as of season 16, but soon their number will drop by a pair. These are two very strong weapons in the Destiny 2 sandbox, so make sure to grab them before they are gone for a good while.

  • The Comedian Shotgun 
  • Palindrome Hand Cannon 

Trials of Osiris weapons

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Trials of Osiris weapons are often considered some of the best PVP weapons in the game. These two weapons leaving are absolutely some of the best-in-class weapons across all of Destiny 2’s content. Trials isn’t easy, but make sure you attempt to pick these weapons up before they leave the sandbox.

  • Shayura’s Wrath Submachine Gun 
  • The Messenger Pulse Rifle

Bungie have acknowledged fans clamoring for weapons that have left the sandbox rotation, but no imminent plans are slated. That means all of the weapons listed may be out of the game for at least the next year. Season 17 begins May 24, so make sure to get your hands on all of them before they are removed from the rotation.