White Dragon, Silver Tongue quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Get ready to kill a dragon or die trying.


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A dragon slayer waits just outside of Castle Hale, and his name is Onfroi. During your journey in the Plains of Widows, you may have come across a slumbering white dragon. Once you bring down the magical barrier that prevents you from accessing Castle Hale, you can speak to Onfroi, and he isn’t a fan of that dragon.

Onfroi will tell you that he put the dragon to sleep and challenges you with the task of waking the beast up and slaying it. Be well prepared before taking this task because it is challenging.

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The dragon named Enk is sleeping to the south of Castle Hale. Follow the path down until you reach a fort. Take the route to the right and follow it around. It will lead you straight to the dragon. Talking to it after speaking with Onfroi will initiate an action in which you wake the dragon up.

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Before any sort of battle begins, you have a chance to speak with Enk. Be careful about your next actions. Enk tells you that you can ask them about certain things in the world, and they will give you knowledge about it. If you select the Highfather option, a new option will appear about the paladin Onfroi.

Selecting the option that states, “Paladin, Kill,” will alter your quest. You are now under the dragon’s control and must go kill Onfroi. Taking this path of the quest will result in you having a battle with Onfroi and losing your reputation.

The other option here is to kill the dragon. Here are some tips if you want to take this route. For starters, this fight is only against Enk, and no other enemies will get involved. A storm is brewing around the battlefield. Keep your units out of any space that is glowing red. Lightning will strike these areas and severely hurt your units. Lastly, try to lure Enk into some of the debuff spaces around the battlefield. This will greatly help lessen the damage they deal and prevent your units from getting hurt too badly.

Once Enk is dead, head back to Onfroi to claim your reward. Your reputation will also increase for completing this quest. You can also choose to kill Onfroi after battling Enk if you feel like getting some extra experience. This action will come with a loss to your reputation, though.