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Who are the voice actors for Horizon Forbidden West?

The game has some starpower behind it.

Aloy will explore a brand new area of the former United States in Horizon Forbidden West, but you’ll likely recognize some of the voices heard throughout. The game is packed with a good amount of star power, including returning actors from the first Horizon title, as well as Hollywood legends who have headlined films like The Matrix and Black Panther. Here are the voice actors for Horizon Forbidden West.

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Ashly Burch – Aloy

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Ashly Burch reprises her role as Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West. Burch has also voiced a variety of characters in other video games, including Chloe Price in the Life Is Strange series, Viper in Valorant, and Parvati in The Outer Worlds. Burch also currently stars in Mythic Quest on Apple TV+.

Lance Reddick – Sylens

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Lance Reddick returns as Sylens, a role he first played in Horizon Zero Dawn. Reddick’s iconic voice can also be heard in Destiny 2, where he voices Commander Zavala. He’s also set to star as Albert Wesker in Netflix’s television adaptation of the Resident Evil series. His other live-action credits include roles in John Wick and the cult-classic TV series Fringe.

John Macmillan – Varl

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John Macmillan returns as Varl, a friend of Aloy who first appeared in Horizon Zero Dawn. Speaking on his role, Macmillan stated that Varl has grown to be more assertive and sure of himself in Forbidden West. Macmillan also portrayed Edmund in a film adaptation of King Lear, and is also slated to appear in the Game of Thrones spinoff, House of The Dragon.

John Hopkins – Erend

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John Hopkins is another returning voice actor, reprising the role of Erend. According to both Hopkins and Macmillan, Erend and Varl will have to work together to support Aloy in her quest across the Forbidden West. Hopkins’ voice can also be heard in Hitman 2 and 3, where he plays Lucas Grey.

Angela Bassett – Regalla

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Angela Bassett voices Regalla, one of the main antagonists of Horizon Forbidden West, who leads an army consisting of both humans and machines. Bassett is a decorated actress known for her portrayal of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It and more recently, her role as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther. Bassett previously voiced Aurelia Arnot AKA Six in Rainbow Six Siege.

Carrie-Anne Moss – Tilda

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Carrie-Anne Moss plays Tilda, an enigmatic, seemingly angelic being who Aloy will encounter on her journey. Moss is best known for her role as Trinity in The Matrix and its sequels. She also voiced fan-favorite character Aria T’Loak in the Mass Effect trilogy.

Noshir Dalal – Kotallo

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Noshir Dalal portrays Kotallo, a character who seeks to broker peace between three warring tribes. Dalal is an experienced voice actor, having voiced Charles Smith in Red Dead Redemption II, Jega ‘Rdomnai in Halo Infinite, as well as various roles in the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

Natalia Castellanos – Yarra

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Natalia Castellanos plays Yarra, a Tenakth leader who Aloy encounters in one of Forbidden West’s sidequests. In addition to her role in Forbidden West, Castellanos has also appeared in NCIS: Los Angeles, as well the crime drama television series, Bosch, which also stars her Forbidden West co-star, Lance Reddick.

Lesley Ewen – GAIA

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Lesley Ewen voices GAIA, a powerful AI who Aloy is seeking out in an attempt to save the world. Ewen has also appeared in several prominent television shows, such as The Witcher, Doctor Who, and The CW’s superhero drama, Arrow.

Alison Jaye – Alva

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Alison Jaye voices Alva, a young member of a mysterious tribe who Aloy will encounter while exploring the west. Jaye previously held a recurring role in Showtime’s long-running series, Shameless, and also voiced Crypto’s foster sister, Mila, in a Stories from the Outlands cinematic for Apex Legends.

William Houston – Marad

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William Houston returns as Marad, a character who played a minor role in Horizon Zero Dawn. Houston’s voice can also be heard throughout all three entries of the Dark Souls trilogy. The actor also appeared in Ridley Scott’s 2021 film, The Last Duel.

Kathleen Garrett – Dekka

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Kathleen Garrett plays Dekka, who will give Aloy quests throughout her journey. Garrett’s voice was previously featured in Dead Rising 3, and she has also held roles in various television series, such as Inventing Anna, The First Lady, and The West Wing.

Peter Brooke – Brewmaster

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Peter Brooke voices the Brewmaster in Horizon Forbidden West. Brooke has also played roles in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, and The Dark Knight.

Additional Voices

On top of the main cast, there are also several characters, many of whom are unnamed, that you’ll likely hear throughout the game. Some of these background voices might sound familiar; one of them is Elias Toufexis, who is notable for voicing Adam Jensen in the Deus Ex games. Here’s a list of voice actors you can expect to hear in the background.

  • Elias Toufexis
  • Jennifer Armour
  • Sam Fink
  • Craig McDonald-Kelly
  • Jose Palma
  • Derek Slow

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