Who are the voice actors in Fire Emblem Engage? Full voice cast

The talent behind the mic.

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Fire Emblem Engage has a large cast of colorful characters, all of whom have talented and worthy voice actors breathing life into each unit of your army. The Fire Emblem series is known for having tons of dialogue and scenes between its supporting cast, so having a great voice cast is integral to the quality of the overall package. Engage has over thirty playable characters, so it has a large cast compared to other games. Here is all the talent behind the microphone.

Brandon McInnis – Male Alear

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McInnis has a history of anime voice acting, voicing popular characters like Sir Nighteye in My Hero Academia, Gen in Dr. Stone, and a plethora of others. He’s even voiced another Fire Emblem character, Xane, in Fire Emblem Heroes. Xane is from the first Fire Emblem game in the series, Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. McInnis voices the male avatar character in Engage, Alear.

Laura Stahl – Female Alear

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Have you watched Vinland Saga, Lupin the 3rd, Pokemon Evolutions, or Rent a Girlfriend? Then you’ve heard Laura Stahl’s voice. She’s voiced numerous characters across all different kinds of media. In the video game realm, she’s done work on Monster Hunter Rise, Genshin Impact, Ys IX, and even Fire Emblem Heroes. She voiced Tanya in Heroes, a bow-fighter from Thracia 776. In Engage, Stahl voiced the female main character of Alear.

Jason Vande Brake – Vander

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Brake doesn’t have a long history of voice acting, with his first major role being Fire Emblem Heroes in 2019, but now he voices one of your main party members, Vander, in Engage. Brake voiced Jaffar, the silent assassin from Fire Emblem Blazing Sword, and Mordecai, the Tiger Laguz from Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn.

Justin Briner – Clanne

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Briner is one of the most notable voice actors in Engage, as he is the voice of Izuku Midoriya, the main character of My Hero Academia. Briner has had an amazing career in voice acting, and lends his talent to Clanne in Fire Emblem Engage.

Lisa Reimold – Framme

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Another voice actress on this list who has also voiced Fire Emblem characters in the past, Reimold now lends her skill to Framme in Fire Emblem Engage. Her bylines include Re: ZERO, Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, and Tokyo 24th Ward.

Nick Wolfhard – Alfred

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Wolfhard is one of the few voice actors on this list that primarily does work on western animation, not Japanese animation. His most notable work is the character Jack in The Last Kids on Earth. He also does work on Goodbye Don Gleese and Smiling Friends. He voices Alfred, the first prince of Firene, in Fire Emblem Engage.

Joe Hernandez – Boucheron

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If you’re a fan of The Legend of Zelda, then you might have heard Hernandez’s work as Daruk and Yunobo in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity. You may also recognize his voice as John H. Watson & Carson in Lupin the 3rd Part VI and multiple characters in Eden Zero. He has a history of voicing burly, loveable characters, so he’s perfect for Boucheron in Engage.

Stephen Fu – Diamant

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Fu has had a great history and a bright future voicing characters in JRPGs. He voiced Oboromaru in Live A Live, Corentin in Triangle Strategy, and Lancelot in Grandblue Fantasy versus. For upcoming games, he will lend his voice to Jamie in Street Fighter 6 and Crick in Octopath Traveler II. In Fire Emblem Engage, he is the crown prince of Brodia, Diamant.

Dani Chambers – Timerra

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Chambers has the honor of voicing one of the first black character in a Fire Emblem game as she voices Timerra, the crown princess of Solm. Her other work includes Tomodachi Life, SPYXFAMILY, The World Ends With You, and Genshin Impact.

Zeno Robinson – Fogado

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Much like Dani Chamber, Robinson is also voicing one of the first black characters in a Fire Emblem title. He’s lent his voice to popular characters like Hawks from My Hero Academia, Goh from Pokemon, and Cyborg in Young Justice. Robinson has also voiced Ross and Zihark in Fire Emblem Heroes. His character in Engage, Fogado, is the brother of Dani Chambers’ character Timerra.

Yuri Lowenthal – Marth

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Yuri Lowenthal has a long history of voicing Marth, as his credits include Fire Emblem games like Warriors, Heroes, and Fates. He also voices Marth in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Dragalia Lost, and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. In Fire Emblem Heroes, he does Merric, Eliwood, Bramimond, Ricken, and Kiragi. His other most notable work has been voicing Spider-Man in various Marvel projects, including the 2018 game and Spider-Man Miles Morales game.

Wendee Lee – Lyn

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Lee also has a history of voicing the same Fire Emblem characters, as she has been Lyn in various different Fire Emblem games in the past decade. Her work as Lyn has been in Heroes, Fire Emblem Warriors, and now Engage. Lyn was the first female main character in the Fire Emblem series. Lee also voiced another female main character in said series though, as she is also one of the voice options for the female Robin in Fire Emblem Awakening. She’s also worked on Shenmue III, Devil May Cry 5, Dead or Alive 6, and Soul Calibur VI.

Greg Chun – Ephraim and Ike

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Greg Chun actually voices two different characters in Fire Emblem Engage, Ephraim and Ike. Of the two, Ike is the more popular, as he is the main protagonist of two Fire Emblem titles, and he’s been a mainstay in the Super Smash Bros series since Brawl. You may recognize Chun’s voice from the Judgment series as he voices the main character Yagami. He also voices Nanba in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. his other work includes Octopath Traveler, Valkyria Chronicles 4, and River City Girls.