Who are the voice actors in the Dead Space remake? Full voice cast

EA has brought back a few familiar voices for the remake.

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EA’s Dead Space Remake brings an all-new aura of fear to the widely celebrated survival horror title. The gruesome appearances of the notorious Necromorphs have been made even more terrifying, and the improved visual design of the game’s surroundings makes the experience even more immersive. Further adding to the eerie environment of the USG Ishimura are the brilliant performances of the entire cast. In order to give them the credit they deserve, we’ve listed all of the brilliant voice actors and actresses involved in the game.

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Dead Space Remake Full Voice Cast

Gunner Wright – Isaac Clarke

Image via IMDB

Gunner Wright retains his role as Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the sci-fi horror title, after he had originally played the main character in the original Dead Space 2 and 3. The former stuntman-turned-voice actor has also appeared in a number of other video games, including Star Wars: Battlefront 2 where he was cast as Imperial Officer Mathis.

Tanya Clarke – Nicole Brennan

Image via IMDB

Tanya Clarke was similarly recast in her role as Nicole Brennan, the girlfriend of our heroic protagonist. Though Clarke doesn’t have a ton of voice acting credits to her name, she has appeared in many other TV shows, such as Marvel’s Inhumans and American Horror Story: 1984 where she played Queen Rynda and Lorraine Richter respectively.

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Anthony Alabi – Zach Hammond

Image via IMDB

Anthony Alabi, who was originally a NFL player for the Miami Dolphins, takes the role of Zach Hammond in the Dead Space Remake. Alabi has notably only had one other voice acting credit to his name, which was for Guilty Gear Strive in 2021 wherein he played the game’s fictional President of the United States, Vernon E. Groubitz.

Brigitte Kali Canales – Kendra Daniels

Image via IMDB

Brigitte Kali Canales, who plays Kendra Daniels in the game, has plenty of experience when it comes to voicing animated characters. Canales has previously been involved in shows such as Fear the Walking Dead and Star Wars: The Clone Wars where she played Rachel and Trace Martez respectively.

Faran Tahir – Dr. Challus Mercer

Image via IMDB

Last but certainly not least, we have Faran Tahir, the voice actor of Dr. Challus Mercer in the game. Tahir has an extensive list of acting credits in both TV and film, which includes his role in Iron Man as Raza, the terrorist who abducted Tony Stark at the beginning of the movie. He had also previously voiced General Abasi Hakim in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.