Who is Pantalone in Genshin Impact?

He can’t pay us not to call him Pants.

Image via Genshin Impact YouTube

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are a faction in Genshin Impact that significantly impacts the overall story from the start of the game, and their influence is felt in every region. Bearing names synonymous with the Italian commedia dell’arte, these characters have been helping or hindering the Traveller at almost every turn. The Ninth of the Eleven is called by his codename Regrator but is also known as Pantalone. He is said to be the richest of the Farui, the most economically savvy, and like all of them, has a bone to pick with the gods of Teyvat. But who is the man behind the bank account? Here’s everything we know about Pantalone in Genshin Impact.

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Pantalone in Genshin Impact, explained

We only know a little about Pantalone because he is the type of character who works behind the scenes. Interestingly, he has yet to make an in-game appearance, and the only time we truly saw him was during the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo animated cinematic. However, his influence is felt throughout the story, and players can infer even more from characters such as Yelan, Tartaglia, and the Wanderer.

According to his history, Pantalone was born into poverty and never received a Vision. That made him turn against the gods of Teyvat and made him ambitious and covetous of wealth. He grew to become the head of Snezhnaya’s economy and the wealthiest Harbinger. For example, he single-handedly rented the Goth Grand Hotel in Mondstadt in its entirety for use by the Fatui, despite the owner’s misgivings. All he needed was an “unbelievably generous offer,” and the deed was done.

Among the other Harbingers, it seems that Pantalone works closely with Dottore, and the pair often partner to further their schemes. Along with the Goth hotel acquisition in Mondstadt, Pantalone had a hand in Harbinger operations in Liyue through his bank and even worked to get Mondstadt’s wine industry ruination scheme that failed, thanks to Noelle.

He’s not untouchable, though, as can be seen in Yelan’s story quest, where she stole a luxurious furred robe he meant to gift the Tzaritsa of Snezhnaya, the same one she adapted and now wears herself. We’ll have to wait and see where the story takes the Harbingers’ money man and if his plan to turn Snezhnaya into the “heart that pumps money around the world” pans out. Or will he be the next Harbinger to become available as a banner character.