Who is Thoma’s voice actor in Genshin Impact?

Voice of an angel.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Thoma is a character who will be becoming to Genshin Impact in a future update. The new character has already caused consternation among the Genshin Impact community, and people are curious to know more about him.

One of the common questions about Thoma is who his voice actor is. While we do not know his English voice actor at this time, his Japanese voice actor is Masakazu Morita. Masakazu Morita will be well known to anyone who is a fan of Zac Efron in Japan, as Morita is his official voice in the region.

Morita has also done plenty of work in video games, adding his talents to Final Fantasy as Tidus, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 as Marco, and Jump Force.

Thoma, while of great interest to players, appears to be subservient to Ayaka, if leaked voice lines are anything to go by. However, Ayaka is effectively royalty, and other voice lines show that they two are great friends. Thoma is also extremely helpful to the Traveler and Paimon when they first arrive on Inazuma, but we don’t want to drop any spoilers in here, so go and enjoy the story.

Nothing is known about Thoma yet with regard to his element, abilities, or the weapon that he uses, so players will just need to exercise patience when it comes to learning more about the character.