Why Am I Not Getting Gold for Chests in Sea of Thieves


Like any true pirate, your intention on the high seas is to find treasure, plunder villages, and maybe relieve other crews of their gold chests. But to what end? Every pirate wants gold, and gold is attained by returning treasure chests to outposts and selling them. But what if you’ve just spent a few hours on a voyage, sold your treasure chest, and received no gold in return?

Where’s my Gold?!

Why Am I Not Getting Gold for Chests in Sea of Thieves
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We’ve seen several reports, and experienced this for ourselves, of pirates that have gone to sell their treasure but received no gold in return. The reason for this seems to be related to the load on the servers and the problem can usually be solved in one of two ways.

Be Patient

It may not be in a pirate’s nature to be patient, but most of the time when you’ve sold a treasure chest, the transaction has actually occurred but the game is slow in updating your pirate’s bank accounts. Did pirates have bank accounts? Wallets? Big bags of coins… where did they keep it? Never mind. The solution here is to simply be patient and wait. In our experience, the gold coins you’re owed will show up in a short period of time.

Make a Purchase

If you desperately need that gold, you can attempt to jolt the game into updating your balance by making a purchase. This may seem counter-intuitive but it does work more often than not. It’s even possible to make a free purchase, such as picking up a beginner voyage at the Goldhoarders. Conducting any kind of transaction will frequently force the game to retrieve your actual gold coin balance and make everything right again.

The above solution is especially helpful should you find yourself in a game server and have a zero gold coin balance for some reason. It seems that sometimes the game gets confused or overloaded to the point where it doesn’t show you any of your available gold coins.

Try those tips above if you think you’re owed some gold by the game. If that does not work, there’s always the option to file a support ticket with Rare’s tech support team. For more guides, be sure to visit our Sea of Thieves Guide Hub.