Why does Atomic Heart need a 67 GB update?

That’s a huge update.

Image via Mundfish

Pre-downloading games is a practice many people prefer to do so that they don’t have to deal with waiting for the game to install after it releases. Many people did this with Atomic Heart, only to find a massive update for the game when they went to start it up for the first time. Here is what we know about that big 67 GB update for Atomic Heart.

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Why is there a 67 GB update for Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately, we have not seen any official information given on the giant update for Atomic Heart as of this writing. That being said, the update does not add to the installation you had before. Instead, it removes files and replaces them with others, keeping the full install in the 70 GB range.

This makes us think that there might have been some unintended files pushed through with the initial release of the game that the developers wanted to make sure were removed to avoid various bugs and glitches, or to make the game run a little better. Unfortunately, that is only a guess we have for what happened.

While the above is our best-pointed conclusion for the big update, players are understandably frustrated with essentially having to redownload the game after pre-installing it previously. Not everyone has great internet speeds, so they could be stuck waiting a very long extended time to play the game because of the install. Additionally, this will have an effect on their internet bill if they are strapped with a data limit, hurting them in the wallet as well.

Mundfish has yet to comment on this extra update, so it is unlikely that we will know the full reasoning behind this big patch. We would think that there shouldn’t be any other downloads like this for the game in the future.