Why does the Overwatch 2 account merge queue keep resetting?

Trying to bring over your Overwatch cosmetics to Overwatch 2 can be difficult.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There have been a handful of issues following the official release of Overwatch 2. The servers struggled to keep up with high player demand, technical issues were trying to get players to access the correct heroes, and the characters themselves contain minor bugs and glitches with their abilities. Another problem is that players are experiencing issues with the account merge, mainly those who already owned Overwatch before downloading Overwatch 2. Here’s what you need to know about why the Overwatch 2 account merge queue continues to reset.

What is happening with the Overwatch 2 account merge queue?

What’s happening with this error is players with previous Overwatch accounts are trying to get their stats and cosmetics on their existing Overwatch 2 accounts. Unfortunately, a few problems with the servers are carrying over with the account merge. If there’s a queue for your Overwatch 2 account when you try to merge it, our best advice is to remain at this spot and stay in the queue. When players encounter this problem, the counter resets but remains in the same place.

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The process can take quite a bit, unfortunately. Our best advice is to continue trying and double down on making sure to contact Blizzard. When the account merge queue resets for you, reaching out to the Overwatch 2 support team at Blizzard might be your best option. You might want to submit a ticket under the in-game issues and make sure you can merge your accounts. By contacting the support team, you can make sure they’re aware of the problems you have and that you have a chance to get every cosmetic you earned from Overwatch.

The account merge appears to be a common problem. Again, continue trying, and don’t leave the screen when this happens to make it a smooth process. Contacting someone at Blizzard’s support team will make sure the support agent there can provide more technical assistance.