Why is the FIFA 21 closed beta not working?

Who jumped the gun?

FIFA 21 logo

Image via EA

FIFA 21 fans who are verified Ultimate Team (FUT) champions, or who have won 27 wins during a Weekend League competition in the game received closed beta codes to EA’s next game, FIFA 21. These codes went out, and players could start playing on August 14, where they could provide EA with feedback on the gameplay, bugs, and how they enjoyed their experience. The closed beta goes September 1, giving these loyal players plenty of time to discuss how they liked it. Unfortunately, many who received the code from EA’s emails discovered that the closed access did not work when attempting to connect to it.

EA has attempted to reach out to players who received the code that, right now, the closed beta is unavailable for them. The players who did try to jump into the game have reported that nothing is working, and the game is not showing to be online. Players can likely see what’s happening by going to the FIFA 21 closed beta forums to see if other members of the community also are having these problems. Anyone who doesn’t have access to the closed beta cannot see these forums. 

For players who continue to experience issues, taking it to the forums is the quickest way to learn about what’s going on. It’s unlikely EA will share on their support pages about what’s happening. It’s likely a bug on EA’s side or something they didn’t turn on at the correct time. Those eagerly waiting to try out the closed beta have plenty of time as it goes from August 14 to September 1.