What is the matchmaker is full error in Among Us?

Too many players, or is something else wrong?

Is there crossplay in Among Us?

Image via Steam

Among Us players have difficulty attempting to jump into games from time to time, particularly joining random games. Most of the time, the matchmaking lobby is entirely full, and unless players can team up with their friends or find reliable people to join. You may see an error code that says “matchmaker is full” when connecting to any of the games. Why does it happen, and what can you do to work around it?

It’s mostly because the indie developers in charge of the game, Innersloth, released Among Us in 2018, and the servers were not meant to handle this many people. When you see the matchmaker is full error pop-up, all you can do is refresh the game, end it, and try again. There’s little else you can do because the servers are overloaded with people.

Innersloth continues to have trouble attempting to expand their servers to meet the demand of so many people wanting to play the game and join their friends online. You may even see that similar, but different, error codes pop up, such as you have “disconnected from the server,” or reliable packet 1 (size=16) error code. These are common problems, and they all boil down to the servers being too small for the influx of players on them.

Innersloth have commented about the server sizes and expect to expand them in the future, with an upcoming sequel coming to beta in 2021, and a full release six months or so after that. It’s a slow process, and attempting to reach the level they’d like to be with their audience’s size will be challenging but doable. The Innersloth team is excited to meet those requirements and give an even better experience in the sequel.