Why was the Witherhoard disabled in Destiny 2?

The season’s first casualty.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

The WItherhoard, the Taken energy spewing grenade launcher that was introduced to Destiny 2 in the Season of Arrivals, has been disabled. Bungie announce the move in a tweet, saying on that it was “due to an issue”.

From what we can tell, this is not some kind of broken interaction like the Telesto, but rather it is a broken animation.

It would seem that some players are being affected by a bug that causes the Witherhoard to break after they switch to another weapon. The result? Well, it’s hilarious. It also appears to be reasonably common, if the sheer number of tweets and images floating around is anything to go by.

This bug has led to some terrible mutation sof weapons, so we understand why Bungie has disabled the weapon. Hopefully, because it’s not affecting the game in any other way, this is just a little bit of spaghetti code that needs to be fixed, and the weapon will be back in the game soon.

The Witherhoard is something of a player favorite as it can be used to lock down routes, melt bosses, and do some serious damage to groups of enemies. It also looks fantastic, when it is not broken.