Why were Fireflies removed from Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update? Answered

Nasty aftertaste.

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When Minecraft releases a new update, millions of players get excited. New biomes, blocks, and mobs being added to the game are always an exciting time, so knowing what you can expect in itself can be fun. With 1.19 The Wild, Minecraft added Frogs and a new swamp biome to the experience. Included in that section of the update originally were Fireflies, but they are no longer there. Why did Mojang cut Fireflies from Minecraft?

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Why were Fireflies removed from Minecraft 1.19 The Wild?

What happened to Fireflies in Minecraft?

When Fireflies were planned to come to Minecraft, they originally were to be used as a source of food for Frogs. However, when fans found out about this, they reached out to Mojang to let them know that the bugs are often toxic when consumed by frogs in real life. Similar to the situation in the past where it was found out that Cookies could poison a Parrot, the developer then decided to fully remove Fireflies from the game in favor of small Slime being the food source for Frogs.

Will Fireflies ever come to Minecraft?

As of this writing, there is no talk of Fireflies coming to Minecraft in the future. While they could always find a new use for the bugs in the game, that would likely require some reworking and time. In the case of the Parrots with Cookies, Mojang recognized how many young players it has in its fanbase, so they wanted to avoid a situation where a young player would feed a real animal that food and harm them. Removing Fireflies in the game does the same thing here.

Speaking speculatively, we would be surprised if they ever brought Fireflies to Minecraft officially now. There just are not many uses for a bug like that without being a way to harm the new amphibian neighbors.