Wild Hearts upcoming content roadmap, explained

The hunt is far from over.

image via EA

Developed by Japanese video game developer Omega Force and published by EA, Wild Hearts is an action role-playing game similar to Monster Hunter. The game is set in feudal Japan, with several massive areas for players to explore freely. You will take on the mantle of a nameless hunter, hunting down Kemono, massive monsters in the world of Azuma.

With eight different weapon types to choose from, and the game’s Karakuri mechanic allowing them to craft various items to assist in combat, Wild Hearts’ early access and subsequent launch has certainly won the hearts of many of its players. Even though it may be a while before most players complete the game’s main campaign, the developers have already released news of what we can expect in terms of updates, arriving in the month of March this year.

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What can Wild Hearts players expect in March 2023?

Image via EA

According to a most recent dev post, the hunt is not over yet. Volatile Kemono will be introduced into the game as post-main scenario content. Defeating them will earn you rare crafting materials, and Keystones, a new type of item that will be introduced in the update. But be warned — the developers have stated that “taking down such a creature will prove to be a challenge unlike any you’ve encountered so far in Azuma,” so you will definitely want to be prepared before taking on this challenge.

That’s not all, though — collecting enough Keystones will earn you the right to challenge an even tougher foe, the Deeply Volatile Kemono. A successful hunt will earn you one of the rarest and most powerful Talismans in the game. The devs have also commented that “only the most skilled hunters dare take them on alone,” so many players will most likely get their first clears in groups.

For more casual players, there will also be new Kemono that will be introduced into the game:

  • Hellfire Laharback: releases with a new quest and Talisman.
  • Grimstalker: Kin to the Deathstalker, this new Kemono’s release will feature a new quest and several new pieces of themed weapons and armor.

The update will also add new high-difficulty quests, a new emote, and a new chat stamp to the game.