Will AEW Fight Forever be available for Xbox Game Pass?

Are we getting a pass for Fight Forever?

Screenshot via AEW Games YouTube

With Xbox Game Pass becoming a strong force in the world of gaming, many developers and publishers have added games on the platform to boost sales and interest. One upcoming title that was rumored to be coming to the Xbox Game Pass platform is AEW Fight Forever, the simulation wrestling game published by THQ and developed by Yuke’s! Is that actually true? Will AEW’s first console game be available on Xbox Game Pass? Let’s take a look at what we know about the situation.

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Will AEW Fight Forever be available for Xbox Game Pass?

On November 8, the AEW Games Twitter account provided an update on whether the AEW Fight Forever game will be available on Xbox Game Pass or other gaming services like it. This came just a few days after a report from the wrestling site WrestleZone, stating that AEW Fight Forever would be available on Game Pass on its release date. AEW Games, however, directly contradicted that article.

AEW Games stated that it does not anticipate AEW Fight Forever to be available on any monthly gaming subscription service, including Xbox Game Pass.

It’s always possible that this change in the future, just purely on the wording of the tweet. As of now, we have a definitive answer as to whether AEW Fight Forever will be on Xbox Game Pass come day one or in the immediate aftermath.