Will Battlefield 2042 have AI Bots?

The uprising is here.

Battlefield 2042

Image via EA

Battlefield 2042, the next installment in DICE’s long-running first person shooter series, will be arriving on October 22, and it has some major changes in store. The single player campaign is gone, but a new way to play will be introduced instead.

Players will be able to play with or against bots as they see fit, and will be able to load into a server along with 127 bots to fight out full-scale battles if they want to. Players will be able to squad up with some friends and take on a bot army as well if they wish.

Progression will also be enabled, so players who worry about investing too much time in learning maps or mechanic won’t have to worry about being left behind. DICE wants the bot games to be a way for people to casually enjoy the game while also developing skills and learning important and relevant information for the multiplayer mode should they decide to jump into it.

This way, players will be able to take the time to practice with any vehicle or weapon on a live map, under fire, and learn the things they will need to know to be able to take on other players. At the moment, it seems that players will be able to take on the AI on any map, in any mode, and at any player count.