Will Destiny become a PlayStation exclusive title?

What is Destiny’s future with Sony?

Image via Bungie

With the announcement of Bungie being picked up by Sony, there’s a lot of conversation about what will happen with Bungie’s biggest product, Destiny 2. It’s a massive title that has had a lot of success on consoles and PCs, and with the upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, releasing in February 2022, there could be more excitement about the title’s future. But with Sony buying Bungie, will Destiny become a PlayStation exclusive title?

It’s difficult to say at this time. However, given Sony’s track record with working alongside other consoles, it’s almost a surefire thing that Destiny might be pulled Xbox in future iterations. For example, if the team does a Destiny 3, the game may be a PlayStation and PC-only franchise. Xbox has already detailed its willingness to do this for Bethesda games, such as the upcoming Starfield in November 2022. It would make sense that Sony would make a similar move. However, according to Bungie’s blog post sharing the news, they plan to remain independent of SIE and are likely planning to remain a multiplatform company.

Image via Bungie

For now, it doesn’t look like Destiny 2 will be pulled from Xbox consoles anytime soon. Given the announcement of the news for Bungie and Sony, the team there plans to remain self-published and independent of their larger company, giving them more opportunities to appear across all consoles.