Will Gran Turismo 7 be playable on PlayStation 4?

Are last-gen cars still in the cards?

Image via PlayStation

On June 2, PlayStation owners received the big news that God of War: Ragnarok has been delayed back to 2022. Alongside that major announcement, PlayStation Studios made it clear that, in spite of the delay, Ragnarok is still coming to PS4. That’s great news for users who haven’t been able to make the upgrade to the PS5 yet. However, it also has left many wondering if Gran Turismo 7 will still follow a similar path.

Fortunately for PS4 owners, the head of PlayStation Studios Hermen Hulst confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 is on track to release for both consoles. That news isn’t overly surprising if you consider the PS4’s sizeable install base. As Hulst mentioned they’ve built “a community of over 110 million PS4 owners.” As much as PS5 users might want Sony to move on, they can’t really leave that massive group behind.

While games like Gran Turismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarok will still be cross-gen games, there are still several games only coming to next-gen hardware. For example, we just saw Sony release Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is coming on June 11. These showpiece games will slowly become the norm over the next few years, but, for now, it doesn’t make financial sense to keep games from so many PS4 owners, especially with how difficult it’s been to get a PS5 since the system launched.

So, if, like many, you haven’t been able to get your hands on a shiny, new PS5, you’ll still be able to play some of the biggest games in Sony’s library well into 2022. Hopefully, we’ll hear much more about Gran Turismo 7 and the other upcoming PlayStation games over the next few months.