What is the release date of God of War Ragnarok?

Odin’s eye has settled on Kratos.

Image via Sony

When the 2018 God of War was released to the PlayStation 4, fans went wild to find Kratos, a Spartan turned Greek god of War, in the cold winters of Nordic mythology with his son, Atreus. The pair of them worked their way through this new landscape on a quest to deliver the ashes of Faye, Atreus’ mother, and the woman whom Kratos settled down with following God of War 3, to the highest peak in Midgard.

The brief teaser for God of War: Ragnarok is at the 44:10 mark of Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase event. We have not had any direct release date information for the game, but via Bloomberg, it has been said it should release sometime in November 2022, and not 2023.

The epic adventure concluded on a massive cliffhanger of the pair learning they had started the first steps of Ragnarök, a great battle and end of times in Norse mythology, angering Odin, the All-father, and head of the Norse Pantheon. So far, the only details anyone has seen about the supposed sequel to God of War, God of War: Ragnarok has been in a brief teaser that only shows ‘Ragnarok”s title card flashes 2021. However, it has slipped that the game will be delayed to 2022. The information was confirmed and shared by Jason Schreier.

Beyond the brief trailer, no other details about the game have emerged from development studio Santa Monica Studio. With no additional teasers or details about Ragnarok, we’re only left to speculate until publisher Sony or any one of the development team comes forward with ample details.

The 2018 God of War left things in a very conflicted state. Kratos and Atreus had killed Baldur, Freya’s son, earning her wraith, and they had killed Magni, one of Thor’s sons. It’s not the bloodiest rampage in God of War, but it leaves plenty of setup for Ragnarok to have plenty of destruction to make up for it.

Image via Sony