Does Halo: Reach Have Crossplay?


Halo: Reach for Halo: The Master Chief Collection arrives Dec. 3 for PC and Xbox One. Those who are playing on the PC should make sure they meet the recommended requirements to play the game, but they’re not too steep, and many should find themselves hitting the highest graphics settings for the title.

If you have a friend who plans to get it for the Xbox One, and you purchase it for the PC, can the two of you play together?

Unfortunately, crossplay between the Xbox One and the PC version of Halo: Reach won’t be happening. You won’t be able to play with your friends if you go the PC route, and they have the entire thing already on their Xbox One.

However, PC players can expect to interact with one another. For example, if you purchase Halo: The Master Chief Collection through the Microsoft Store, you can play with those who acquire it through Steam. Both versions play as if they were using the same launcher.

We don’t have confirmation if crossplay between the Xbox One and PC versions will happen in the future. Although, Halo: Reach does support cloud saves through the Xbox One and PC. You have the chance to play Halo: Reach the way you remember on your Xbox One, and if your friends want to hop into the PC multiplayer, you can jump online and continue the progress through on your PC using your profile.

The cloud save picks up select things, though. Campaign progress, mission and playlist completion, leaderboards, medals, achievements, and certain customization aspects are all available. If you stop half-way through a mission and try to pick up progress, you need to start over again when switching from PC to the Xbox One. The cloud save does not pick up any checkpoints. You need to finish a mission first before switching versions to ensure you keep all of your progress.

You can pick up Halo: Reach through Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One and PC through Steam, the Microsoft store, or you can pick it up if you have access to the Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. You do need to have an active subscription to install and play the game.