Will Microsoft Flight Simulator come to Steam?

Will we see the upcoming game on Steam?

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft announced in a tweet that the heavily anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator game is now available for pre-order for its PC release, which has been revealed to be August 18th via the Windows 10 Xbox store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. However, multiple Xbox Game Studio properties have been finding themselves on Steam lately, and the 2006 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X was received very positively. Will the new game make its way over to Steam?

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Many PC players quickly noted how there was no Steam announcement in the release date news for the return of MSF. While there could be some debate that Microsoft would hold the game for their own storefront, they have been more lenient recently with lending out their properties on other stores. Sea of Thieves, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, State of Decay 1 and 2, Gears 5 and Tactics, and other Xbox games have all eventually made their way onto Steam.

While there is definitely a chance that the new Flight Simulator will find a home on Steam, it is not a given. Looking at the FAQs for the official website shows us that Microsoft is non-committal, at least for now. 

In the section asking if the game will be on Steam or the Epic Games Store, they reply intending to have Microsoft Flight Simulator available on as many platforms as possible, but they have no news to share at this time. Typically, Xbox games that come to Steam take awhile before releasing there, but in the case of Gears, they released there right away, so this situation could go in many directions.