Will Minecraft Dungeons have cross-platform play?

Can you play it with your friends on any platform?

Image via Mojang

You can pick up Minecraft Dungeons on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the PC. It’s offered across a variety of different platforms, ensuring if you want to do some dungeon crawling with your friends, and you have access to a console, you’ll be able to adventure in the game. But can you only play with those on the same platform?

Unfortunately, when the game initially launches, you’ll only be able to play with those using the same hardware. Developers Mojang does not plan for Minecraft Dungeons to have a cross-platform feature when it becomes available. However, according to the Minecraft Dungeons FAQ page, this will not last forever.

We can expect Minecraft Dungeons to have cross-platform play sometime in the future. When that becomes available is currently unknown, but it’s something the developers wish to have happen following the game’s launch. It’s something they want to encourage, mainly because there’s going to be no online matchmaking, and players will be left having to solely play with their friends or those in the same room as them. The cross-platform flexibility will ensure it won’t matter what platform your friends have and where they originally purchased it. Everyone will be able to play together, regardless of their hardware.

While the launch of Minecraft Dungeons may limit you, you can expect to pick it up on any of its available platforms and jump into a dungeon with your friends. When it does launch, those who have an Xbox game pass won’t have to pick up the game because it’ll be available with the subscription service.