Will Minecraft Dungeons be on the Xbox game pass?

Does the game pass have another title to offer subscripers?

Minecraft Dungeons

Image via Mojang

Minecraft Dungeons will be available on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can freely play it on any of these devices, and you can expect each of them to receive the same dedicated update coverage throughout its lifetime. However, because it’s a Mojang product and closely associated with Microsoft, can we expect to see it on the Xbox game pass at some point?

Yes, we can, and it’s going to be available immediately when it launches for everyone else on May 29. For those who have access to the Xbox game pass, you can freely play it from an Xbox One or a PC. If you have the ultimate version of the Xbox game pass, you will have access to it on any of these platforms, making Minecraft Dungeons another, noteworthy title coming to the subscription service.

Because it’s coming to the game pass on day one, those who have the game pass and are expecting to continue with it will not have the purchase the full game. They can instead rely on the service, and continue to pay the monthly subscription to have access to the game.

When Minecraft Dungeons launches with any future DLC, those who have it on the game pass can expect to save 10 percent on any future DLC purchases. This discount is available on any version of the game pass. We don’t have any idea of how many DLC expansions the development team plan to release, but the fact it’s being offered in the first place shows excellent promise for the title.

Because Minecraft Dungeons is a Mojang product closely aligned with Microsoft, it’s likely the title will remain on the Xbox game pass throughout its lifetime, similar to Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, those who have the game won’t have access to any online matchmaking and instead will have to rely on playing it on local co-op or with friends online.