Will MLB The Show 21 be on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

Will the next-gen get in on the action?

As expected, MLB The Show is back for another year. Sony made a release announcement regarding MLB The Show 21 on February 1, and the company confirmed rumors that Padres superstar shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. will be on the cover the franchise’s latest game. Additionally, we also received word on whether The Show will be hitting the field for the next-gen, and the answer should make you pretty happy.

Sony confirmed that MLB The Show 21 will be making its debut on the next-generation of consoles in 2021. The title will be made available for the PlayStation 5, as well as the Xbox Series X.

We also can confirm that the next-generation of consoles will be able to get in on the action at the same time as the PS4 and Xbox One. Sony, in its release announcement, stated that the game will go live on April 20 for all four consoles.

This is a bit of change from the precedent Sony set back in 2014 with the current and next-gen versions of titles. Back then, MLB 14: The Show launched on April 1 for the PlayStation 3. However, PS4 users needed to wait one more month to hit the field. That won’t be the case in 2021.