Will NHL 22 be on the Nintendo Switch?

What about this year?

Like with the Madden, F1, and UFC series, EA Sports has not developed an NHL game for the Nintendo Switch since the platform launched in 2017. But will that change in 2021, even though some of the other EA Sports games will not receive a launch on the platform this year? It does not look to be the case.

While EA did not rule out a Switch version in early August, it did seem highly unlikely thanks to an online document from EA. EA Sports in August announced a closed technical test for the upcoming NHL 22 game. While it was a given that the new game would be available for old and next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and the PC are a different story. The closed beta sign-up form mentioned the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, but did not offer a test version for the PC or Nintendo Switch. 

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That turned out to be a harbinger of things to come. On August 19, EA Sports confirmed console information for NHL 22. While both old and next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles will be getting versions of NHL 22, the Nintendo Switch will not.

So just like Madden 22, NHL 22 is not slated to launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. And as things stand right now, the only EA Sports franchise to be on the Switch is the FIFA series, which has received a release every year since 2017. This was confirmed back in July.

While it does not seem likely that a Nintendo Switch version of NHL 22 will launch eventually, things could change in the near future. If we receive any more information, we will update this guide to reflect that.