Wizard with a Gun: Alchemist Archetype Bullet Guide

The Alchemist archetype is one of the four categories of Bullets in Wizard with a Gun. Let’s take a deeper look at what types of ammunition lie inside.

Alchemist Bullet Type in Wizard with a Gun

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Bullets are incredibly important in Wizard with a Gun, and are arguably the main form of ‘magic’ the game is based around. There are four different categories that all of the Bullets you can research fall into, including Sorcerer, Warlock, Magus, and Alchemist.

Each category includes at least a couple of different Bullet types, and all of them are centered around a core idea. For example, Alchemist Bullets are all centered on Crowd Control, whether that’s by pushing enemies around or freezing them in place. Knowing what to research and which bullets to aim for can be incredibly important as you progress further and look to survive longer.

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Required Research & Advancements

Wizard with a Gun research stations
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First off, let’s go over what exactly you’ll need to research and build in Wizard with a Gun to gain access to all of the Bullets offered in the Alchemist category. To gain the ability to craft every single Bullet in this category, you’re going to need both a Frost Research Station and a Physics Research Station. You’ll also need a Loading Station and Furnace to craft Bullets and smelt Metals.

That’s not all, however, as you’ll need to advance pretty far down the research tree at both the Frost and Physics Stations in order to get every Alchemist-type Bullet unlocked. There will be roadblocks every couple of advancements in the form of the next ‘level’ of Chaos Material from Chaos Eyes, to Chaos Eggs, and finally Chaos Tendrils.

Frost Bullets

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Frost Bullets are the overarching subcategory of Alchemist Bullets, and there are 4 different Bullet types contained inside.

These bullets tend to be focused on the concept of using cold damage to slow enemies, block them off using walls of ice, or freeze them in place completely. I find this category a great one for players in co-op as most bullets work as fantastic support-types that can lock enemies down. I have also used Freezing Bullets to farm Ice Chunks en masse.

AppearanceBullet NameDescriptionLevels of AdvancementCrafting Requirements
Cold BulletDeals damage, chills, and slows whatever it hits. Cold Bullet I, Cold Bullet II, Cold Bullet III, & Cold Bullet IV1x Ingot and 1x Wood (Iron, Lead, Cobalt, Steel)
Freezing BulletFreeze what it hits in ice, if the ice block is broken and doesn’t break by itself over time, massive damage is done to the target inside. Also how Ice Chunks are best gathered. Wet objects/targets will stay frozen for longer durations. N/A2x Ice Chunks
Water BulletA bullet that, on contact, splashes water on whatever it hits, making it easier to freeze or resistant to fire for a short duration. N/A5x Water
Ice Wall BulletWhen shot, creates an ice block where the bullet either stops or makes an impact, and is intended to be used to create walls of ice that trap or block off enemies. N/A1x Cobalt Ingot and 5x Ice Chunks

Physics Bullets

wizard with a gun Force Bullets
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Despite not sounding like the strongest subcategory of Bullets at first, Physics Bullets are actually incredibly powerful in Wizard with a Gun. This subcategory is centered around the concept of pushing, teleporting, and using force/inertia as a weapon. As it turns out, the damage objects and enemies take from being slammed into other objects is pretty substantial, and I’ve also seen that this makes it easier to stay at a safe distance while still dealing damage.

Despite having 5 Bullets in this subcategory, most players just seem to use it for Force Bullets and Stasis Bullets, but I think all 5 options are absolutely still very useful.

AppearanceBullet NameDescriptionLevels of AdvancementCrafting Requirements
Force BulletApplies force to whatever it hits, AKA pushing the object/creature away at a high velocity.Force Bullet I, Force Bullet II, Force Bullet III, & Force Bullet IV1x Stone-type Object (Stone, Fellstone, Coldstone, Sandstone)
Stasis BulletStops an object in time, while in stasis the object or creature will not take damage (direct or from statuses). All force that’s applied to the object/creature during stasis will all be applied at once after stasis ends. N/A10x Stone
Rolling Stone BulletSummons a spherical stone boulder where it hits that can be rolled or pushed around.N/A12x Stone
Metal Bearing BulletSummons a metal sphere where it hits that can be rolled or pushed around. Functions as a direct upgrade to the Rolling Stone Bullets.N/A2x Iron Ingots
Teleporting BulletTeleports the user to the location where the Bullet makes contact or disappears. N/A1x Chaos Eye