Wizard with a Gun: General Tips & Tricks

Wizard with a Gun might sound simple, but there’s actually a lot of tips and tricks to learn when playing.

Wizard With a Gun

Wizard with a Gun isn’t the ‘longest’ survival game, but it does manage to pack a whole lot of content in for you to play. Even though there is a decent tutorial, there are a lot of small mechanics you’ll steadily pick up as you progress through this apocalyptic world. 

From knowing what resources and materials to gather, how to set up your base properly, and the ins and outs of the combat system, there are a lot of general tips and tricks you’ll naturally learn as you work your way through. However, it will make things a lot smoother in Wizard with a Gun if you get to know these tips much earlier.

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Materials & Resource Gathering Tips in Wizard with a Gun

Gathering and resources Gathering Tips wizard with a gun
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First up let’s go over some tips to help you gather Resources and Materials in Wizard with a Gun just a bit easier. This game has been compared to Don’t Starve Together quite a bit, and while the titles are very different, they’re both going to ask you to farm a lot of basic materials. With that in mind:

  • Always Gather Wood & Stone – You’ll almost always need Wood and Stone for crafting, so it’s a good habit to at least farm a couple of trees or boulders on the way back to the Gat
  • Hang Around After The Timer Hits 0:00 – As you progress through Wizard with a Gun, you’ll steadily fight harder and harder Chaos Enemies that have different drops from Chaos Eyes to Chaos Eggs. However, if you wait until the timer runs out and hang around for a while, you can try and get these materials earlier, though they will be difficult battles.
  • Be Careful With Wildlife – Any wildlife-type creature in the game, cats, frogs, etc will run away from you, so it’s usually worth having a way to restrain or trap them on hand.
  • Use Elemental Bullets For Resource Gathering – You can use certain bullets to gather resources a bit easier, burning trees with Fire bullets can add Charcoal to the drops, Poison Bullets and trees create Rotten Wood, using Shock Bullets on different Metals will usually create ‘Charged’ variants, and even Force Bullets will knock fruit from trees.
  • Boss Arenas are a Resource Goldmine – Boss Arenas are actually so much more important than the boss itself. While you might think that sounds silly, the amount of resources you’ll gain from breaking down a boss room is pretty absurd. Just from the first boss alone, you can gather around 100 Arcane Tomes by breaking down all those stacks of books.

Organization & Base-Building Tips in Wizard with a Gun

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Next are some tips related to base-building and general organization in Wizard with a Gun. While making the Tower into your home isn’t as ‘involved’ as the home-building process tends to be in other Survival games, you can still do a lot with homebuilding in this game if you so choose.

  • Keep Your Base Cluttered – Try and group up Chests, Research/Crafting Stations, and any other ‘interactable’ buildable close to each other in the Tower. This is because, when a chest is placed near any of these intractable, it’ll automatically pull from that chest for anything you want to craft/research. 
  • Find Other Ways To Label Chests – There isn’t a way to really ‘label’ chests in Wizard with a Gun. This can make things pretty chaotic since there are so many items in this game. Try and use some sort of other method to organize chests, such as placing a stack of books behind the chest full of Arcane Tomes and Linens.
  • Deconstruct People’s Homes – If you ever find any structures while wandering around in an Expedition, it’s usually worth it to switch to the Worldbuilder and Deconstruct it. The amount of materials you can get simply from breaking apart Granny Bogfen’s home around her each Expedition is actually pretty absurd. 
  • The Arcane Annihilator Has More Than One Use – If you’re struggling with storage space but don’t have the quick resources on hand to build another chest, you can always store items in the 9 slots of the Arcane Annihilator and use it as ‘temp’ storage. However, be very careful not to click on the ‘Convert’ button. 

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Game Mechanics & Miscellaneous Tips in Wizard with a Gun

Image vImage via Gamepuria Gamepur

For the 3rd section of tips, let’s go over some more game mechanic-based stuff. These are tips related to the game’s combat, detailed info about the game’s systems, or numerical advantages certain weapons or elements have. 

  • Scan First, Shoot After – Always check with the First Edition when you encounter new Enemy Types or Structure Types, scan first, and then you can go into combat.
  • Reveal The Map – Always try and hit those star icons on the map whenever you can, these Telescope Book contraptions will immediately mark the next Gear or Objective on your map, which can make progress through the main story of WwaG shockingly fast. 
  • Healing Is A Bit Slow – Outside of actual Potions, the majority of healing in Wizard with a Gun happens over time rather than instantly. Because of this, you’ll want to start healing earlier than you would in most other games to give yourself enough time to heal to a safe HP range. 
  • Match The Bullet Type To The Gun Type – Different Bullet Types work better with different Guns. Poison Bullets, for example, tend to work best on an SMG, since it can quickly apply stacks.
  • Mechana Allies Are Better Early-Game – If you’re going for a ‘summoner’ type build where you use Charm Bullets to have enemies fight for you, remember that Mechana are much better allies in the early game especially. This is due to the fact that Order Bullets can heal Mechana-type allies, while you’ll need to research and build Heal Bullets to keep any other companion alive. 
  • Elemental Weaknesses & Resistances – Enemy types have different weaknesses and resistances. This will allow you to deal increased damage if they are weak to these elements, but also keep an eye out for the resistances.
    • Mechana are WEAK against Cold/Shock and RESIST Poison/Fire.
    • Beast Enemies are WEAK against Fire.
    • Humanoid Enemies are WEAK against Fire.
    • Wooden Structures are WEAK against Fire.
    • Metal Structures are WEAK against Shock.
    • Stone Structures are WEAK against Cold.
  • Scan Cult Of The Iron Enemies ASAP – As soon as you enter any new ‘Zone’ such as The Fell or the Frozen Wastes, you’ll want to either search for or keep an eye out for the Human Cult of the Iron Enemies. Scanning any one of these Enemies will make those guns available to craft by talking to Young Joshua in the Imperium. 
  • Keep Snacks On Hand Always – You’ll almost always want to munch on something in this game, especially Fragrant Toadstools since they increase your painfully slow default run speed. 
  • Efficiently Use Your Quick Bar – There’s not much need to keep the Worldbuilder and Groundlayer on your Quick Bar on an Expedition, as those slots are much better utilized for having different guns with different bullets in order to react to any scenario quickly.