The 10 worst games on Roblox

Scraping the bottom of the barrel with these games.

Image via Da Hood Entertainment

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If you know a young person who is into gaming, you’ve probably come across the Roblox platform already. Enterprising developers can use the toolset to create just about any game they can imagine. Some manage to become fun, worthwhile games that players can pick up and try, but there are so many Roblox games that, inevitably, many won’t be worth your time. Here are the absolute worst Roblox games we’ve ever found.

The worst Roblox games – our top 10 picks

Roblox refers to their games as “experiences” and there are a lot of them out there. Roblox’s internal data suggests that there are over 40 million experiences on the platform, but only around 18 million are full-blown games. Still, that is a huge number of games to sift through. Many are clones of each other with only slight variations, while others are just plain broken and incomplete. We’ve already found the best of the best, but here are the Roblox games that you shouldn’t bother playing.

Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby

Image via Minecart_King

There are plenty of Roblox games where you can adopt animals, magical creatures, and even other players. Some of them can be quite deep and interesting, but Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby is a victim of developers putting the absolute minimum effort into making the game. There are rampant bugs with babies glitching through walls or even disappearing completely. This game is just too inconsistent to be of any enjoyment to anyone.

Adopt Me

Image via DreamCraft

This is a very popular Roblox experience, but we can’t entirely understand why. The original premise was somewhat questionable, allowing players to adopt other players in the game, but at least it was a unique concept. However, since Adopt Me moved to focusing on adopting pets it became a painfully generic Roblox game. Worse than that is the fact that it is only really fun if you’re able to pay for the new pets that are introduced with each update. It feels like a cash grab rather than a full-fledged game anymore.

Area 51

Image via Starflower Games

The mysteries of Area 51 continue to fascinate people, so there are plenty of Roblox games based on what may lie within the government facility. Area 51 is, unfortunately, a terrible Roblox game because of the poor graphics, imprecise aiming mechanics, and a whole host of bugs that result in more player deaths than the aliens themselves. The entire game feels rushed and unsatisfying, making it one of the worst games on the Roblox platform.

Boho Salon

Image via Boho Salon

There is a whole genre of roleplay-focused games on Roblox, where players can take their blocky avatar into the game to hang out with other players. Many of them have issues with their player base being inappropriate for the kids who frequent the games, but Boho Salon’s issues are slightly different. The biggest problem is the flood of bots that are prone to sweep in and disrupt players at the slightest provocation. While the admins have gotten better about cracking down on them, it remains an issue for the game and makes it one of the more frustrating games on Roblox.

Da Hood

Image via Da Hood Entertainment

With so many games on the Roblox platform, it was inevitable that some of them would be not just terrible but also incredibly racist. Da Hood is full to the brim with terrible racial stereotypes that are handled in the clumsiest way possible. Not only that, but the player base that the game has attracted is unbelievably toxic, creating an environment that isn’t fun for anyone but the worst kinds of people.

generic roleplay gaem

Image via AznDibs

That isn’t a typo in the title. That kind of haphazard vibe is what the developers seem to be going for, which certainly comes across as you play generic roleplay gaem. The controls are broken. The graphics are terrible even by Roblox standards, and the mechanics are wildly inconsistent. While it enjoys an inexplicable level of popularity on the platform, nothing in this game is worth more than five minutes of your time.

Mad City 2

Image via Schwifty Studios

Mad City 2 is similar to the MMO City of Heroes, but without the variety of powers and gameplay to keep things interesting. In a city flooded with crime, players take the role of a hero to help keep people safe. However, each encounter is painfully repetitive, with not enough variety in the powers or the enemies to keep things interesting beyond the first hour.

Raise a Floppa 2

Image via FLOPPA#1

Going into this entry, we didn’t know what a “floppa” was. However, there are dozens of games based around this 2021 meme and the floppy-eared cats that inspired it. The problem with Raise a Floppa 2 is, like many of the Roblox games in this genre, there simply isn’t that much to do in this game. You sit around and let your cat do cat things, which doesn’t make for stirring gameplay.  


Image via Voxels Studio

Minecraft has inspired lots of Roblox games centered around building bases and defending them. SkyWars puts players on a floating island and has them protect themselves and their territory from other players. The issue with SkyWars isn’t the gameplay itself but the overreliance on pay-to-win mechanics. Many of the game’s best weapons and equipment are hidden behind a paywall, so players who don’t want to spend hundreds of Robux will be at an immediate disadvantage. It is a profitable but frustrating game design philosophy, especially on a platform frequented by young people.

Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Image via AwesomeCoolZacky’s Fan Group

There are plenty of sandbox games on Roblox, but the key to a good sandbox game is to fill it with stuff for players to do. Welcome to the Town of Robloxia feels unfinished, with empty streets and placeholder buildings lining them. The lack of NPCs or even other players in the game means that all you can do is walk around an abandoned neighborhood, which is far more unsettling than it is fun.