WoW: A Blossom Witnessed Quest Bug [Everthing We Know So Far]

Having some trouble progressing this quest and contiue Dragonflights story? This guide has all the details on how to resolve the issue with the A Blossom Witnessed quest.


Image via Blizzard

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WoW isn’t a stranger to a few bugs or issues when it comes to its quests of campaign chapters, and that is the case for A Blossom Witnessed, a quest players are struggling to complete as NPCs and not appearing where they should be.

To help you get around this issue and continue the campaign for the Guardians of the Dream, we’ve put all the details into this guide on how to solve this issue; thankfully, it’s not a bug at all, but it seems to be an issue with communication and requirements.

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What Is the Issue With the A Blossom Witnessed Quest in WoW Dragonflight?

Image via Blizzard

Players are reporting issues with the A Blossom Witnessed quest in WoW, with the main issue being players are unable to see Merithra, the NPC required to turn in the quest. Because of this, players have been unable to progress the New Beginnings questline, which is part of the current storyline for this season of content.

However, it seems that there is not a bug causing this issue with the quest itself, but rather a prerequisite that isn’t clear to players that needs to be met before this quest can be completed and you can progress the story. Unfortunately, it also involves doing part of the current raid, Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope, which might be frustrating to players who do not typically raid in WoW.

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At the time of writing, it seems the issue is that players can pick up the A Blossom Witnessed quest but are unable to progress it thanks to this unexplained prerequisite, which we would imagine isn’t the intention and hopefully is resolved soon by the developers, or at least made clear to players.

How to Resolve the Issue With A Blossom Witnessed Quest

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In order to get the A Blossom Witnessed quest, you will first need to have completed the Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope: Fyrakk quest, which can be picked from Alexstrasza outside of the Amirdrassil, The Dreams Hope Raid entrance at the end of the sixth chapter of the campaign. This quest requires you to defeat the final boss of the Raid, Fyrakk, which can now be done via the Raid Finder as the final wing, named Fate of Amirdrassil, is available for players.

Once you have defeated this Raid boss, you can hand the quest to Alexstrasza in the Central Encampment, and you should then be able to progress the A Blossom Witnessed quest and get on with the last chapter of the story.

Where to Progress A Blossom Witnessed Quest

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Once you complete the Raid quest and can progress, A Blossom Witnessed, you should find Merithra at the coordinates 14.8 55.8 and be able to progress the quest and story for the last chapter, titled New Beginnings. Once that is done, you will have finished the story for this current content patch and enjoyed all the cutscenes and story that comes with it.