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WoW Dragonflight: How To Start & Complete The Land Beneath Quest

Break new ground in the continuation of Dragonflight's story.

The release of the World of Warcraft Dragonflight’s Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion, introduced an abundance of content including quests, powerful items, and a challenging new raid tier. One notable addition is an all-new zone, Zaralek Cavern, found beneath the Dragon Isles. The region is inhabited by the Niffen, a peculiar mole-like race, who have their own Renown reputation which unlocks exclusive zone-specific perks and cosmetic items, similar to other factions in the Dragonflight expansion.

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To meet the Niffen and begin increasing your Renown through quests and world encounters, you must first venture to Zaralek Cavern. This is done via a new campaign quest series, Breaking Ground, which starts with “The Land Beneath.” Here’s what you need to do to start this series, which eventually leads to venturing deep into the underground realm of Zaralek Cavern.

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How to start The Land Beneath quest in WoW: Dragonflight

The first quest in this new campaign is “The Land Beneath.” In order to pick up this quest, you’ll have to have completed the previous Embers of Neltharion campaign, Forbidden Reach, which starts with “Hidden Legacies,” available in The Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken, and ends with “Return to Viridia.” There are a total of fifteen quests in this prerequisite series. 

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Once you’ve completed this quest series and are up-to-speed with the pre-patch storyline, the new campaign quest series becomes available. The first quest in this series is “The Land Beneath.” You can accept this quest via the in-game What’s New pop-up menu, or by visiting the apex of The Seat of the Aspects and speaking with Hadexian, Obsidian Envoy, located on one of the platform edges at coordinates (51.2, 35.1).

How to complete The Land Beneath quest in WoW: Dragonflight

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To complete “The Land Beneath,” simply speak with the black dragon Ebyssian at the apex of The Seat of the Aspects in Valdrakken. He can be found in his Highmountain Tauren form at coordinates (61.4, 42.2), to the right of Nozdormu and standing between Sabellian and Wrathion with a large campaign quest marker above his head. 

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Once you’ve turned in “The Land Beneath,” Ebyssian informs you that Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, Aspect of the red dragonflight, needs assistance. You’ll then be able to accept the second quest in the series, “A Crack in the World.” To complete this quest and continue with the story, simply turn around and speak with Alexstrasza. You will then aid Alexstrasza and her allies through eleven more quests, mostly focused on storytelling, as you descend into Zaralak Cavern and meet the Loamm Niffen.

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