WWE 2K22: How to move up to the WWE in MyRise

It’s time to talk to Korey.

Screenshot by Gamepur

WWE 2K22 MyRise has an absolutely astounding number of possible matches for you to play. The game really opens up in terms of rewards when you get out of the Performance Center, so we’re going to help you figure out how to move on to the main roster and rack up upgrade points.

To begin, open the MyRise hub by pressing Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox. Next, navigate to the story progression menu in the middle. If you see that you have Storyline “PC Showcase” unlocked, you then have the ability to do a tryout match for all of the GMs

screenshot via Gampur

It’s kind of hard to know exactly when you can unlock the quest. That said, you should be able to start this quest any time after you get back from Mexico and El Mago’s retirement show. That quest seems to pop after doing a few quests for Road Dogg, so focus on him if you’re trying to move through developmental quickly.

To start the quest, answer the DM in the social media tab from your handler, Korey, who you met in the introduction to the mode. No matter the outcome, you will receive some kind of contract and move on to the show of your choice. If you’re a total completionist, you’ll need to complete the PC’s other 13 quests as you will be unable to return later.