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WWE 2K23: MyGM Comprehensive guide – How to put on five-star matches, classes, interference and more

A look at what you should know for MyGM in WWE 2K23.

For the second year in a row, MyGM is back for WWE 2K23. A lot has remained the same from 2K22, but there’s also a lot of new content that will change the game in a big way. With WWE 2K23 now out, we’ve put together a comprehensive MyGM guide that should help you out with everything new and old in the mode.

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Managers and Power Cards

Much like in WWE 2K22, players will have the option to choose from a number of different GMs. There are some new ones this year, as Mick Foley, Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, Tyler Breeze, and Xavier Woods have all been added as general managers. Alternatively, a custom superstar can be chosen as a GM.

When one chooses a GM, that player will receive a special Power Card that is attached to that GM. Power Cards have unique abilities that can be used once.

Here’s a look at all the GMs, and the Power Cards for each:

  • Adam Pearce: Instigator – Increases the levels of all active rivalries by one
  • Sonya Deville: Power Up – Power Cards in the store are free this week
  • Stephanie McMahon: The McMahon Presence – Earn twice as much money from arena attendance this week
  • Xavier Woods: Cheat Code – Select a Superstar from an opposing brand’s roster. They will permanently join your roster next week (The selected superstar may not be a title holder; not usable in the first week)
  • Tyler Breeze: Quick Recovery – All your Superstars immediately recover 20 Stamina
  • Kurt Angle: Heart of Gold – All charity promos are free to book and have their results doubled this week
  • Eric Bischoff: Backstage Booking – Booking costs for all show logistics are free this week
  • Mick Foley: Cactus Jacked – Select an opposing brand; two Superstars who participate in their show next week will be injured (selected at random)
  • Custom Superstar: Legend Whisperer – The first Legend you sign this week will be free

Brands, much like Managers, also have special Power Cards when you begin the mode.. Here’s a look at each Brand, and what Power Cards will be awarded:

  • Smackdown: Birth of Legends – Six random Superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by six
  • Raw: This is War – Select an opposing brand to have three randomly selected Superstars that cannot be booked in matches next week, cannot be used the week before a PLE (Premium Live Event)
  • NXT: Fighting Champion – Title Matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost
  • NXT 2.0: Fresh Meat – Reduce the price of the next three Free Agents your purchase this week by 50%
  • WCW: Classically Trained – Extend the duration of all your current Legends’ contracts by five weeks

How many shows can be booked?

Up to four shows can be active in WWE 2K23 MyGM.


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After choosing your GM and the opposition, one can then go into Settings. Users will have the option to choose an Opening Budget amount, AI difficulty, draft pool settings, and game difficulty. Keep in mind that the game difficulty will affect the number of matches and budget restrictions in the mode:

Easy– One midcard match during regular shows, two during PLEs
– No budget restrictions in later seasons
– Low morale thresholds for keepers and Superstars quitting
– Reduced injury chances
– Starting assistance from Triple H
Normal– Two midcard matches during regular shows, three during PLEs
– Small budget reduction in later seasons
– Medium morale thresholds for keepers and Superstars quitting
Hard– Two midcard matches during regular shows, three during PLEs
– Moderate budget reduction in later seasons
– High morale thresholds for keepers and Superstars quitting
– Increased injury chances


Drafts will have a certain amount of rounds that are mandatory. After those mandatory rounds, users can either continue until cash is no longer available, or stop and wait to fill out the roster in free agency. The budget will be whatever was set in the Settings.

Now, let’s take about roles and classes. For roles, the Green icon indicates that a wrestler is a face (good guy). Red indicates heels (bad guy). In order to maximize feuds, faces should go up against heels.

Then, there are classes. Certain classes will yield match bonuses when paired with particular ones. Here’s a look at ideal class combinations for feuds:

  • Specialists vs. Anyone
  • Giants vs. Cruisers
  • Bruisers vs. Fighters

At the start of the draft, wrestlers with high Star Power — indicated by a number in the Superstar info bio — and popularity will help with drawing crowds and viewers. Thus, you’ll want to have at least one or two male and female stars to help out in the early goings.

Popularity can be raised by having wrestlers appears in matches and promos. Certain Power Cards can also boost Popularity. Again, the higher the popularity, the better the matches will be and the more you will earn.

In addition to Popularity, each wrestler also has a Stamina star. Wrestlers will regain Stamina when not booked for shows. This is where a delicate balance must be used when constructing a roster. Ideally, one will want to have a fair amount of stars, in order to not run out of names each week. Otherwise, those stars could be prone to injuries.


After the draft, one will then need to choose World and Women’s champions. It’s up to you who to take, but keep in mind that title matches do tend to well from a ratings standpoint, and can raise the Popularity of a wrestler. Thus, one could choose an established star to maximize growth early on or choose an emerging wrestler or one that you want to push to elevate that star.

Whoever holds the title receives a Popularity boost for holding a belt.

In WWE 2K23 MyGM, players will be able to award up to five different titles. There are both men’s and women’s tag titles, a midcard men’s title, and the two aforementioned champions. When one enters the show bookings, title matches can be set by going through the ‘Title Match’ options.

Show Bookings and Rivalries

Let’s talk about bookings. Each show will have a set number of match and promo slots. If you have enough cash, all of these slots should be filled.

Promos can be used either to earn money, build up feuds, or boost the popularity of a wrestler. Here’s a look at all the types of promos:

  • Self Promo: Chance of increasing or lowering the superstar’s popularity, based on their performance (cost is $2,500)
  • Call Out: Chance to begin a rivalry, or increase the level of an existing rivalry between the two superstars involved (cost is $3,000)
  • Role Change: Swaps the current role (i.e. face, heel) of the performer to the opposite role (cost is $10,000)
  • Advertising: Generate extra revenue, with a chance of lowering the superstar’s popularity with a poor performance (cost is $0)
  • Charity: Generate a small bonus of fans for the week, with a chance of a small popularity boost for the superstar (cost is $10,000)

A wrestler’s Promo Skill will affect how much that individual will succeed on the mic. Promos will also help re-generate Stamina for a wrestler.

Next up is matches. Users will be able to set up singles matches, as well as tag team, triple threat, and four-way matches. Players can also use special match rules, like a Submission or TLC match. However, changing the rules to a non-Normal match will cost money.

Additionally, matches like Hell in a Cell and Falls Count Anywhere bouts yield much higher Stamina costs. Thus, the chances of a wrestler getting hurt can occur. If a wrestler gets hurt, that individual won’t be available until the injury heals.

We also need to talk about rivalries. Throughout MyGM, matches and promos will set up rivalries. There are four levels to Rivalries: 1-4. Level 3 & 4 rivalries are the highest of the bunch. Rivalries that are either LV 3 or 4 can only be resolved at premium live events.

How to get 4 and 5-Star Matches

The simplest way we can explain how to get 4 and 5-star matches is through these tips:

  • Make sure to properly use the class bonus system properly – Again, Cruisers and Giants that match up against each other have a better chance to get high stars
  • Rivalries are key – Well-built rivalries can lead to 4 and 5-star matches. Thus, make use of promos to build up feuds
  • Matches with Special Match rules can yield more stars – Extreme Rules, Hell in a Cell, etc.

Run-In and GM Interference

In order to build up rivalries, interference can be used. Players can have wrestlers interfere in matches in order to start rivalries, or keep them going. Additionally, users can have the GM interfere. For the ‘Interference’ option in the show bookings menu, set ‘Interference’ to ‘Run-In’ to have a wrestler get involved. For a GM, set this to ‘GM Interference.’ One must choose a target in order to execute the interference.


If you don’t use wrestlers often enough, morale will go down. Should morale go down too much, that individual could choose to leave. Additionally, rejected requests could also lead to a dip in morale.

Revenue and Fans

In order to succeed in MyGM, you’ll want to have the most amount of fans. Fans can be accumulated by putting on entertaining shows. This can simply be done by having good promos — and using wrestlers with good Promo Skills — and good matches. Additionally, the quality of the show is important.

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Throughout the cycle of MyGM, users can unlock arenas, crew, special effects, and advertisements. At the start of MyGM, you will start from the ground up. But as you progress, users will be able to unlock upgrades to each category.

Arenas help with attendance, revenue, and show quality. Crews and Special Effects work to boost show quality. Advertisements, on the other hand, are related to show quality and fans gained.

Lastly, make sure to keep an eye on the revenue. Remember when we mentioned special matches? In order to put those on, you’ll need money. The budget entails how much total money is needed to put on the show. The cost can’t exceed the budget. If it does, you’ll need to either cut out some of the special matches or head to the roster and cut wrestlers to get under budget.

Any Power Cards obtained from the store will also count towards the budget for the week the items are purchased.

So, how does one make money in MyGM? Put on good shows and make sure to upgrade the arenas once you have the money. That will put you on the right path.

How to sign free agents

Go to ‘Manage Roster’ to ink new wrestlers. Players can choose current wrestlers through ‘Sign Free Agents.’ Legends can be signed through the ‘Sign Legends’ menu.

How to get Power Cards

Outside of the GM and show-specific Power Cards, users can also obtain these items by going to the Power Card store in the main menu. These can range from health cards that can regenerate stamina, to ones that can boost star ratings for certain matches (hint: for match-specific Power Cards, make sure to have just one match of that category).

Alternatively, Triple H will award GMs with a special Power Card for completing Commissioner’s goals. These can be found in the main menu.

What are Shake Ups?

New to MyGM in WWE 2K23 are Shake Ups. Shake Ups are awarded after PLEs and come in three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold being the best. Players can choose from one of three randomly chosen Shake Up cards after a major event. These can be game-changers, as these can range from free special matches to popularity boosts.

Hall of Fame Trophy Achievements

Throughout MyGM, players can collect Hall of Fame (HOF) Trophies. Players can etch their name in the history books by accumulating trophies, which can be obtained by completing Season-based and Career-based objectives.

Seasonal objectives can be seen by clicking the ‘HOF Trophy Progress’ tab in the main menu. Career objectives can be found in the ‘Career Progress’ tab on the home menu. Here, one will find additional Career-based objectives and lifetime objectives. These range from finishing in either first or second, accumulating fans, and earning money.

Earn 10 HOF Trophies to become a Hall of Famer.

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