Xbox Series X Receives New Console Wraps

Microsoft has discovered a cheaper and more efficient way to customize their Xbox Series X consoles without all the hassle.

Image via Microsoft

If there’s anything that Microsoft is great at, it’s coming up with cheaper alternative ways to sell its gaming products and services. The original Xbox found a way to rip music CDs to home consoles and implement a more streamlined way to access online gaming. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 introduced the removable Hard drive, although replacing those wasn’t always easy. Not to mention, the extremely popular subscription-based Xbox Game Pass available for Xbox Series X|S.

Now, they’ve found a way to streamline the console customization process with console wraps. This new concept replaces the less intuitive shells that’s more frequently available for sale. With this option, Microsoft hopes to penetrate the market again and give gamers their dream console design for less money and effort.

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How Does It Work?

Image via Microsoft

On their website, Senior Design Director Monica Chatterjee revealed the New Xbox Console Wraps. The goal is to streamline the process of adding skins to the Xbox Series X. Pre-orders officially announced along with the wraps, and three new skins will be available at launch. The skin options include Starfield Camo, Artic Camo, and Mineral Camo – the Starfield wrap comes with a console and controller skin.

The wrap is designed with the components of the console in mind. It features slits that allow the console to vent, and the holes at the feet help air to flow freely throughout the console. Also, the wraps have a hook and close clasp, so everything is perfectly fitted and secured, while the silicone design in the interior keeps everything in place.

The official release date of the Starfield wrap is October 18th in the US and Canada, with the initial pricing starting at $49.99. The Artic and Mineral Camo will be released on November 10th in Europe, the US, and Canada for $44.99 ERP. You can pre-order all the wraps on the official Microsoft Store.