Yakuza 0 Chapter 3 Walkthrough | A Gilded Cage

Yakuza 0 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

In Chapter 2: Real Estate Broker In The Shadows as Kiryu you were able to learn more about Tachibana’s intentions. In this Chapter 3 A Gilded Cage you will be playing as Goro Majima, there are less action and a lot of talking in this part. Before playing the main objectives you can play a lot of different side-missions.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

A Gilded Cage Walkthrough

In this chapter, you will play as Goro Majima and you will earn 2,000,000 yen in the end.

Go To The Kazama Family Office:

After a pretty long cutscene, Majima enters the picture and tries to handle the rude customer. This will trigger a simple combat sequence. The fight begins after dodging the incoming attacks three times. Next, humiliate the man three times and done. After the next cut scene, follow the marker and talk to the waiter. Next talk to Kanae, go with more direct to get details. Go up and then talk to the distressed waiter, who will tell about his father’s sickness, Majima grants him to leave and money. Once again Majima has to intervene in an issue where a customer is trying to cause an issue for a drink. In the break room, you will find that Majima wants to return to Yakuza. To return to Yakuza you will need another 500,000 Yen. Later Sagawa will tell Majima that the hottest girl from his club has been relocated to another and Majima aims to bring her back. Exit the building to continue.

Go To Odyssey:

You can earn Smooth Criminal Trophy here, before going to Odyssey go to three locations and talk to people with info on the club. The locations are Bunzaemon Outdoor Mall where you have to talk to a girl, then go to Shofukucho South and talk to two men there and then go to Bishamon Bridge and talk to a man there. For the trophy return to Grand Cabaret and talk to the floor manager. Or else you can continue to Odyssey for the main objective.

In your way, a mysterious main will stop you and demand a fight. This will introduce you thug fighting style. Just follow the tutorial to get familiar with all moves. Then visit Odyssey, and sit. You have to focus around and look point of interest to continue. To observe begin from the left side, after a short while the hostess will join you. You will see three topics on the screen and you have to complete each of them to continue the story. Next, the manager will appear, and you will offer him a deal to get Nozomi which will be accepted by the manager.

Go to the phone booth and talk to the floor manager, next go to a store and get some food. While returning back you will find Fei Hu you are dealing with an unruly customer, in the next combat, you will learn the Slugger fighting style. Fei Hu will take you to his shop, The Dragon & Tiger. Next return to your apartment, once you enter a narrow alley some goons will approach you to fight them and enter the apartment.

As the cut scene ends Chapter 3 A Gilded Cage is over. You can read our walkthrough on the Chapter 4 Proof of Resolve or you can also read our Yakuza 0 wiki for more updates on the game.