Yoshi’s Tropical Island Board Guide – Mario Party Superstars

What a nice sunny day for a party.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Yoshi’s Tropical Island is one of the first-ever Mario Party boards appearing in the first game. The concept for the board surrounds two islands decorated in fruit and Yoshis that you will need to bounce back and forth between to buy Stars. The idea has stayed the same in Mario Party Superstars, making it one of the most simple boards you can play. Here is everything you need to know about Yoshi’s Tropical Island.

Toadette and Bowser

Screenshot by Gamepur

At all times, Toadette and Bowser will be on opposite islands apart from each other. That being said, whenever anyone lands on an Event Space, the two will swap places after Cheep Chomp comes and gobbles up Toadette. The Star does not move when people buy them, so this is the only way it can change locations. It makes planning ahead a crucial point when you are faced with the decision of swapping over to the other island or not. Guess wrong, and you could be stuck giving coins to Bowser.

Thwomp tolls

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are two bridges between both islands that will be your main way of changing venue outside of the Warp Block item. While we recommend trying to keep a Warp Block on you if you are about to run into Bowser, you can use the Thwomps to your advantage if you have the money. Every time someone talks to a Thwomp, they have to pay more than the previous person by at least one coin. If you have a lot of coins, you can overpay the Thwomp so that someone behind you is stuck on that island. The only way to lower the Thwomp tolls is to land on that in a Lucky Space roulette where it will halve the toll.