New Ryse: Son of Rome PC Patch Live Now, Improves GPU performance on NVIDIA cards & More, Changelog Revealed

Ryse: Son of Rome

Crytek has released one of the most awaited patch for PC version of Ryse: Son of Rome. Why it termed the update as "most awaited" is because it comes with SLI/Crossfire optimization, quality improvements and performance improvements for Nvidia graphics cards users.

Ryse: Son of Rome

The patch is live now and to download it all you need to do is re-start the game from your Steam client. The full changelog of the patch is provided below.

  • SLI/Crossfire optimization & quality improvements
  • Improved GPU performance on NVIDIA cards, especially for GTX980/970 versions
  • Fixed potential crash when running the game in resolutions higher than 1080p
  • Fixed graphical corruption on nVidia when running in resolutions higher than 1080p
  • Fixed a bug that occurred on low framerate which prevented the door to open in Pax Romana
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Legendary difficulty to be selected with mouse even though it is not unlocked
  • Made CVar accessible to disable/enable force feedback on the game controller: i_forcefeedback 0/1
  • Made CVar accessible to disable/enable flash (e.g. the ingame HUD for taking beauty screenshots): gfx_draw 0/1
  • Made CVar accessible to adjust image sharpening: r_PostAASharpening 0…2 (values range from 0 to 2, default is 0.2)
  • Added support for high resolution timer mode to overcome FPS limits on some systems. Activate via “sys_highrestimer = 1” (without quotes) in system.cfg

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