Insomniac Games Explains Why Spider-Man Is Locked At 30FPS On PS4 Pro

Spider-Man PS4 Pro: Dev Explains Why 60FPS Is Missing

During the weekend, Insomniac Games has provided more details about the upcoming Spider-Man's support over PlayStation 4 Pro and the renounce to the 60 frames per second milestone in favor of a higher fidelity.

The developer explained that the idea was to deploy the full power of the console to have the best graphics possible and that in its opinion this is something other studios have done thus far being Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain the only open world title to run at 60FPS.

Spider-Man PS4 Pro: Dev Explains Why 60FPS Is Missing

"Again it's about a blend between fidelity and performance and making the right decision for your game," the studio told a fan wondering whether there was a chance to use the extra power to aim 60fps. "Most other devs seem to agree, as we haven't seen any other open world games on the console at 60 besides MGSV."

"We do use the increased power of PS4 Pro to its fullest," anyway, so for those of you who have a PlayStation 4 Pro there's most probably nothing to worry about, as "We optimized for a combination of the best performance and fidelity."

Is this the best possible solution? Well, it's hard to define without having the proper game in our hands, anyway it's clear that, if Horizon: Zero Dawn is of any help in the comparison, the devs are trying to get the best graphics out of the box rather than pushing for higher frame-rates. Looking at how much I appreciated Horizon, I'll probably take that for Spidey, too.

Spider-Man is releasing for PS4 and PS4 Pro on September 7.

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