Spider-Man's Map Revealed By Screenshots And Video, Way Bigger Than You Thought

Spider-Man PS4 Map Size Revealed

Spider-Man is releasing on PlayStation 4 this September, with a demo available at E3 2018, but there's still a lot of stuff we don't know anything about, for example, how big are its map and world.

Thanks to that demo, which has been showcased at a PlayStation Live panel at E3 2018, we now have a first look at the map itself and can appreciate it is much bigger than anticipated.

Spider-Man PS4 Map Size Revealed

There are two screenshots revealing that the map is particularly big and, to my surprise, very dense. That was something Insomniac Games had to do because of the specific traversal mechanic a Spider-Man game is required to work.

On top of that, as revealed by a quick video posted on Imgur, we can see that the title has not only the main island of Manhattan as a playable environment but also the locations on the right and on the left of the map, which makes for a very, very big place to explore.

Spider-Man is dropping on September 7, 2018, and we're glad Insomniac is not spoiling anything more than this about the game. Also, though, we're happy to see that the title is shaping up this great.


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