Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition Includes Spoiler, Insomniac Doesn't Want You To Open It

Spider-Man Collector's Edition Secret Confirmed

There's something really curious happening with the Spider-Man Collector's Edition for PlayStation 4. We're very close to the release of the game, and this edition hasn't been fully unveiled yet. But why?

During a Twitch stream, developer Insomniac Games has shared the reason why the Collector's Edition hasn't been showcased yet, although looking pretty majestic, at least from the size of the box.

Spider-Man Collector's Edition Secret Confirmed

The Collector's Edition includes, as known, a quite big statue, which – according to Insomniac Games itself – features a spoiler as it showcases a character whose identity or role the studio doesn't want to reveal before players reach a latter part in the game.

"Someone asked if we're gonna show the full collector's edition, and the answer is no. It's a spoiler and it'll even say on the box: 'Don't look at this till you've played far enough in the game,'" the dev team incredibly said.

It's weird that this situation is happening now, also considering that the original pic of the Collector's Edition said that it would have been revealed later this summer, but evidently, something didn't go as planned and Insomniac understood that such reveal would've been a massive spoiler of the story.

Think about it: you'll buy this expensive edition of the game, and then you'll find yourself in the condition of not being able to open it because you don't want any spoiler before you reach a certain point in the game (possibly finish it). Sounds a bit crazy to me.

Spider-Man is releasing on September 7, 2018 for PS4.

Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition Secret

Source: Twitch

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