Spider-Man: The Heist DLC Has More Than 4 Missions, High Quality Content As Main Game

Spider-Man PS4 - The Heist DLC

Insomniac Games' Bryan Intihar in a recent interview with our friend at GameInformer has shared an update on the release window for the New Game Plus mode for Spider-Man PS4, and what fans should expect from the upcoming story DLC - Black Cat. While Intihar didn't provide a specific date and time for the NG+ mode but said that it is going "Super Soon".

Spider-Man PS4 - The Heist DLC

Coming to the topic of The Heist DLC which is going to introduce Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, GI's Ben Hanson asked Intihar what should be the expectation levels of fans for it - is it going to be bigger than what fans are expecting or less story focus and so on? Intihar went on to smartly explained the mentality of the gaming community regarding DLC content. Read below what exactly he said:

"Let's be honest, are people ever satisfied with how much DLC you give them? I think we have to be honest about that. We know there are people just want more and more content like every game I want more and more and more and more. Our job is to deliver something at a very high quality that matches what we did in Spider-Man, the game that we released. So our focus was this, we want to deliver something that has a great story that furthers the experience that you've started with, adds more activities you can do in the world. Whether you think that's long enough or not? I think that's up to the person. 

I can tell you that I didn't get to work on as much of it because I was out doing PR tours and stuff like that but I do came back and played it. I left when it was very very early and came when it was close to being done and I was really pleased with how it turned out. I think it's a very self-contained story that really does a great job of Black Cat. Black Cat performance is great. We do some twist and turns I don't think you are going to expect with the character. There are really fun missions that build upon what we in the main game."

When asked - how many missions the Heist DLC is going to feature: Is it going to be under 4? Intihar replied: "More than four missions".

The message was pretty clear from Intihar: the development team focus is to deliver a high-quality DLC content for Spider-Man PS4, and it's not possible to keep every happy in today's time as most of them simply ask for - more and more and more and more content instead of quality content.

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