343 Industries temporarily turns off Assassinations in Halo Infinite

The devs are looking to make it more meaningful.

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Image via Microsoft

Those booting up Halo Infinite recently might have noticed a pretty sizable change — that Assassinations will be turned off for the game when it releases for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One this holiday season. The omission was officially confirmed by 343 Industries senior mission designer Tom French.

Assassinations are special animations that occur when you sneak up on another player and use a melee attack to kill them. However, according to French, the dev team has decided to remove the feature at launch as they noticed “people just turn them off because there’s a gameplay disadvantage to it.” As such, the studio is taking “a step back” to access the need for the mechanic, and will only put it back in the game once it can be properly implemented as an “accessible tool.”

Earlier this year, 343 Industries confirmed that Halo Infinite will have new seasons every three months, and that players can complete battle passes at the end of each season. The title of the first season is Heroes of Reach, but not much else is known about it. New events will be hosted nearly every week, with some time-limited events known as Fracture that offer unique rewards.

You can read up on our hands-on impressions of Halo Infinite, which seems to be a blend of traditional Halo elements combined with some interesting new additions to the formula.