Halo Infinite will have new seasons every three months, regular events, and time-limited “Fractures”

Season one is called Heroes of Reach.


Image via 343 Industries

In a recent interview on Halo Waypoint, the team at 343 Industries has explained in some detail the seasons that will form a part of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer once it finally releases. The details include the rough length of each season, the name of season one, and a look at what seasons will be to the game once it’s out.

Season one of Halo Infinite is called Heroes of Reach, but nothing more is known about it right now. The name fits with the overall theme of the game’s multiplayer community. Head of Creative Joseph Staten explained that “Customizing your character, making your Spartan look and sound exactly the way you want, is a huge part of the journey.” Players will become the heroes of Reach over the course of this first season as they earn new gear and customize their Spartans. Staten added that a player’s Spartan would form a “vital, active role in the Halo story moving forward.”

Halo Infinite’s seasons will last for roughly three months, as should be expected from any game utilizing seasons. This aligns with what other online games offer, though Halo Infinite goes one step further by allowing players to complete battle passes after seasons have finished.

The final detail given about Halo Infinite multiplayer is that it will host a new event almost every week. These events will focus on fun activities for players, pushing them to try something new or help them focus on a particular challenge associated with the battle pass. Some events are referred to as “Fracture” and will offer specific rewards that players can’t get anywhere else, similar to themed events in other games such as Destiny 2 or Apex Legends.