A cute Sonic Frontiers mod lets Sonic get sketchy, turns him into a crayon doodle

Play as Sonic like never before.

Image via Sega

A new Sonic Frontiers mod has caught the hearts and minds of fans everywhere, transforming everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog into a sketchy doodle. The new mod is called Sonic the Sketchog and makes Sonic appear like a bulbous, 3D drawing that lacks the details of traditional CGI animation.

Sonic the Sketchog’s model makes the character seem more like something a kid would draw him as, which is the point and the appeal of the mod. Sketchog runs, attacks, spins, and even has similar character animations to the default Sonic skin in Frontiers. The Sketchog features different shading than the rest of Frontier and uses bright and simple colors, which makes the skin stand out in the game’s environment.

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The Sketchog design originated from a line of digital stickers Sega sells for the Line social media app. The Line is a freeware app that allows users to directly message each other through texts, images, video, and audio recordings. While Line is more prominent in Japan, the app is available everywhere, meaning fans can download the app and purchase the Sketchog sticker if they want. Several versions of the Sketchog sticker exist on Line, including sketch versions of the other characters in the series. Even though there are sketch versions of the other main characters in Sonic Frontiers, the Sketchog mod only has a reskin of Sonic and no one else. The rest of the cast may hopefully gain their sketch skins in another mod if the demand is high enough.

Sonic Frontiers is a platform adventure game and the most recent major Sonic title released. Fans found Frontier to be a better attempt at Sonic in 3D than other titles, with praise aimed toward the game’s willingness to experiment. Fans can look forward to more official content coming to the game, including DLC with more playable characters and an extra story mode.