A Dendro character may be coming to Genshin Impact sooner than you think

Time to grow.

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Image via miHoYo

One of the more interesting aspects of Genshin Impact for many players is what the game lacks, rather than what it contains. In a game with seven elements that can be harnessed and manipulated by the various characters that players can add to their parties, the one that stands out is the one that nobody can control.

Dendro, effectively the nature element, has been missing from the options list from the start simply because no character in the game can control it. However, based on information found in files for the upcoming 2.4 update, it would seem that Dendro might be on the way sooner than we thought.

The names of new elemental reactions have been discovered, and there is little reason to start working this stuff into the files unless Dendro is on the way. The newly discovered Overdose reaction is a potential mix of Dendro and Electro, while Overgrow could very well be Denrdo and Hydro. This now means that Dendro has a full suite of reactions, one of the most important aspects of combat in the game, and any Dendro character who is introduced will be good to dive into combat and start dishing out the damage.

It is unlikely that we will see Dendro character until miHoYo is close to introducing the Sumeru region of the game, as that is where the Dendro ability is strongest. So far, the game has seen Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, and it will take another major update before a new region is introduced to the game. Still, we might just see a wandering Dendro character appear to add some spice to the proceeding before the region eventually arrives.